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Women in Church Ministry

October 28, 2008

Title: Women in Church Ministry

Text: 1 Timothy 2:11-14

Time: September 25th, 2008

There are two major issues today that tempt both Christian men and women to depart from following the biblical teachings; the first is the issue of submission by wives to their husbands, and the second is that woman are not permitted to teach or hold a position of authority over men in the church. Although starting from the early church, taught clearly in the Bible, and carried out for nearly two thousand years of Christian church history, these truths mentioned above have become established; yet today, they are being questioned and also rejected by a growing number of Christians. Why? Is it because new discoveries have been made concerning the accuracy of the biblical text? No. Is it because new archaeological findings show that there is evidence for early Christian activity that contradicts the established biblical teaching? No. Why then are these seemingly established biblical teachings, teachings that the Christian faithful of all ages and all places have overwhelmingly embraced, why are these teachings now questioned? Why are they now being rejected in many leading churches and Christian educational institutions, such as college and seminaries? Why are denominations and church leaders, pastors and even ordinary Christians now questioning something that seemingly the Bible is so clear about and church history for two thousands years is apparently so unanimous on? One word – feminism. Around the late 60s and early 70s there arose a social movement in the U.S. that basically rejected virtually all traditional moral values or absolute truths. Absolute moral authority was seen as incompatible with personal freedom, and so during the 60s and 70s these values were rejected in favor of relativism. Relativism was championed as more compatible with the highest personal freedom. Anything that limited personal freedom was seen as bad; anything that promoted personal free was seen as good. Today, feminism is no longer an active social movement but its influence has been established, its dominance has now been largely conceded. The dominant social thinking today in society is feminist, even if it doesn’t go by that label. Christians too are influenced by feminism, whether they know it or not. Hardly anyone calls himself or herself a feminist any more — they don’t have to, because almost everyone is a feminist in some sense by virtue of holding to the basic beliefs and practices of feminism. That’s how dominant this social philosophy is today. Ok, now where do Christianity, the Christian church, and individual Christians stand in respect to the feminist movement? Answer – for the most part Christianity, the Christian church and Christians are caught up in feminism just like all of society. That doesn’t mean that all churches and all Christians are committed to feminism to the same degree, but almost everyone holds to at least some form of feminist philosophy. It’s almost impossible not to, being brought up and living in the modern feminist social setting, which is America today. Now the problem for the church and for Christians is that many or most of the basic tenets of feminist belief contradict the Bible and Christian historical teachings. If you don’t believe it, let’s examine together an example of the Bible’s teaching concerning guidelines and regulations for women in church ministry. 1 Timothy 2:11-14 (read). Let’s look at three things. (more…)