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Sharon Keller’s Memorial Service

September 4, 2008

Title: Sharon’s Memorial Service


Text: Psalm 23

Time: August 27, 2008

Tonight we are here to remember the life of Sharon Keller, who most of you knew because she lived here at the Hotel Jamestown on the 8th floor. She died after she had a stroke and fell in front of the Jamestown Ice Area. She was rushed to the hospital in Buffalo where she died two days later. It’s really a shock to all of us because while people have strokes and fall, they don’t usually die from them, or if they do, they don’t usually die that fast. But that is what happened to Sharon. I knew Sharon from the church services she attended here at the Hotel Jamestown on Sunday mornings at 10am. We have a church service every Sunday and Sharon began attending about a year or so ago. She found out about this church, Crosspointe Church, because she was up and about one Sunday morning doing her laundry when our church service had finished. She saw the people leaving the recreation room and was interested in meeting with me as pastor. She wanted to find out if I would see her for some counseling, which I said I would. But that was the start of Sharon’s involvement with Crosspointe Church. And since that time, she came fairly regularly. At the end of her life, she had attended the Sunday before her death. What was encouraging about the end of her life is that we all could see that the Lord was doing something in her life because she had just got herself a Bible she could read and had told everyone that she had just finished reading the whole book of Matthew in the New Testament. That was very encouraging because that was unusual for Sharon to read from the Bible that much. She also helped Latta and Hilma Hancock up to their apartment after the church service on Sunday. So everyone sensed that something positive was taking place in Sharon’s life, and then, that’s when she died, just a few days later, so it was a shock to us all. Now, it’s my firm believe that Sharon is with the Lord in heaven at this very moment, because I really did see strong evidences of faith, especially at the end of her life. I don’t know everything about Sharon or her past life; I’m told that she went through a very hard life. Nothing was ever easy for Sharon, I’m told. But thank God that when we die with faith and trust in Jesus, we are taken to a place where it doesn’t get any better than that. We are taken to a place so much better than this life. That is where Sharon is today, in that better place, in heaven with Jesus. All the past hardships and troubles she went through don’t matter anymore because she’s home with the Lord now. Thank God. But I’d like to take a few minutes at this time to look at the 23rd Psalm and see how relevant it is for tonight as we remember our friend Sharon this last time. Psalm 23, let me read that for us (read). Now the Psalm is broken up into 3 parts. First, the part that talks about life now. Second, the part that talks about death. Third, the part that talks about eternal life. Sharon is now experiencing that third part now. But let’s look at all the parts. (more…)