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Valuing the Baby in the Womb

March 8, 2015

Title: Valuing the Baby in the Womb
Text: Exodus 21:22-23
Time: February 7th, 2015

A couple of weeks ago we passed the forty-second anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision Row v. Wade that legalized abortion in all fifty states. February 22nd, 1973 was the day the decision was handed down by the infamous Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Ever since that sad day Christians in the United States have been struggling in respect to what to do about the abortion holocaust. Well, abortion is still with us, it’s still legal, and Christians haven’t come up with any solution to eliminate it yet. As a pastor, I’ve decided that I would preach a pro-life or anti-abortion message every year in order to keep up the protest against abortion until it’s outlawed in the United States. So this year I’ll continue that tradition whether it has any immediate effect or not. For me, it’s about truth, it’s about principle, it’s about bearing witness for what the Lord God teaches us is right and wrong. Abortion is wrong; it’s murder. So I’ll keep on teaching against the murder of abortion until something changes or until I die, whichever comes first. The problem with the law as it now stands is that once passed and once the law is established it becomes nearly impossible to change because then it becomes a kind of precedent. We hear politicians, both Republican and Democratic, say that Row v. Wade is fixed law – that’s what I mean. It almost becomes something that gets fixed into the system and then it becomes almost unthinkable to reverse it. That’s the problem with bad laws, they just get established and their errors perpetuate generation after generation. It will almost take some great big revolution, either spiritual or social, to change something that’s so fixed in the legal system. But recently there have been some signs of hope for our cause against abortion. Not that progress has been made to overturn it, but there is marked progress in restricting it of late. The good news is that more and more states are restricting access to abortion, especially the gruesome late term abortions where viable babies are killed, sometimes even outside of the womb after they’re born. These kinds of abortions are more and more being outlawed in states. But even other kinds of abortions are being restricted through regulations and legal stipulations. That’s a positive sign. So it’s not all negative concerning abortion today. But what we need to do as Christians is continue to protest the whole idea of abortion, because, as I said before, it’s murder plain and simple. There are plenty of biblical references to murder or unjustified killing that can be applied to abortion, but let me talk about just one today, Exodus 21:22-23, “If men who are fighting hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman’s husband demands and the court allows. But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life.” Let me say a few things about this passage. (more…)


40th Anniversary of Row v. Wade

January 31, 2013

Title: 40th Anniversary of Row v. Wade

Text: Daniel 3:16-18

Time: January 26th, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I submitted this article for publication in the local newspaper here in New York:

40th Anniversary of Row v. Wade

Time magazine recently ran a most ridiculous cover story entitled, “40 years ago, abortion rights activists won an epic victory with Roe v. Wade – They’ve been losing ever since.” It’s ridiculous because abortion is still permitted in all 50 states for virtually any reason at all. Abortion activists today talk about the threat to so-called “reproductive rights,” but this phrase is nonsensical. Who is trying to deny anyone a right to reproduce? A real example of denying a bona fide “reproductive right” is in China, with it’s one child policy or forced sterilization campaigns. But in the United States there is no threat to the right to reproduce, despite what abortion rights activists would tell us. What they mean is a woman’s right to an abortion, a right to kill an unborn child, a right to pre-birth infanticide. This has nothing to do with the right to reproduce. When two people consent to sex they de facto consent to reproduce; they are exercising their right to reproduce, even if they don’t have that in mind. But what abortion rights activists actually want is the right to kill, yes, murder the child that results from the natural act of procreation. So when abortion activists talk about “reproductive rights” they are speaking falsely. On the other hands, when pro-life activists speak of fighting for the right to life of unborn babies, they are speaking truthfully. There really is a “right to life” issue at stake. It’s bad enough that millions upon multiple millions of unborn babies have been killed through abortion, let’s not let abortion activists now try to play the victim by claiming their “reproductive rights” are being threatened. There is no threat to reproductive rights. Abortion isn’t a reproductive right – it’s murder, period.


The reason I decided to address this issue now is because every year around January 22nd to mark the anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court abortion decision, I always try to say at least something about this tragic situation. I figure that at least I can continue to speak out against baby killing even if our politicians won’t do anything about it. At least I can continue to remind people that abortion is murder, that it has killed millions of babies, and that it must be stopped. My attitude is that whether abortion can be outlawed or not, we must continue to oppose it on principles. That’s what I’d like to speak on today – opposing abortion on principle, using the biblical example of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego found in Daniel 3:1-30 (read).  (more…)

Is God Blessing Tim Tebow?

February 17, 2012

Title: Is God Blessing Tim Tebow?

Text: Genesis 39:2-5, 20-23, 6-10; 45:5, 7

Time: February 2nd, 2012


A strange development occurred in the world of football last year, in the NFL in 2011 – Denver Bronco’s quarterback Tim Tebow caused quite a stir by seemingly winning football games by the power of God. Yes, sports commentators were all talking about what happened to the Denver Broncos after professing Christian Tim Tebow became their full-time quarterback mid-season – they won almost all their games with him leading. And since Tebow is an outspoken, unapologetic, articulate evangelical Christian, people started wondering if perhaps the Almighty was helping him win football games for Denver. Really. Sportscasters were discussing among themselves and with fans whether or not divine intervention had anything to do with Denver’s turn-around season. The Broncos and Tebow made it into the post-season playoffs, and the question on everyone’s mind was – is God helping Tebow or the Broncos or both? Which raises an even larger question about the ways of God and his willingness to intervene on earth. Is it possible that God Almighty really was blessing Tim Tebow? If so, why would God bless him, and not, say, Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions – or any other NFL player or football team? Now most sports writers covering NFL football raised the question of Tebow and divine intervention half joking, but there was enough strangeness and uncertainty about what was happening with the Broncos under Tebow that the question was taken half seriously also. But as Christians we need to think about the questions being asked about Tim Tebow and his Christian faith, and we need to try to answer them, not only for ourselves, but for others who might ask us. Does God really bless certain people, for example, like Tim Tebow? And if so, why does God bless certain people? Is it possible to get God’s blessing, and if so, how? Some of the things said about Tebow were either exaggerated or untrue. For example, there were some reports that he prays for his team to win football games. But Tebow has never said that himself. From all indications, he prays that he and his team play the best football possible, and for God’s protection. So the question really isn’t, “Is God answering Tebow’s prayer for victory on the football field?” Football is a game, it’s a pastime, it’s entertainment – and while some fans begin taking the game too seriously, we can be sure that God Almighty doesn’t lose track of his priorities. But as I see it, it all boils down to this simple question – Is God blessing Tim Tebow? I’d like to attempt to answer this question by dealing with three related topics: one, does God bless individuals at all?; two, what makes us think God is blessing Tim Tebow?; and three, if God is blessing individuals, like Tim Tebow, how can we get God’s blessing on our life also? Let’s look at a few Bible passages that help us understand these questions. (more…)

Speak Up!

January 26, 2011

Title: Speak Up!

Text: Matthew 14:1-12

Time: January 22nd, 2011

Today is the day after the 38th anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court Row v. Wade abortion decision, legalizing the murder of unborns.  Today as we stop and reflect on this dark event that has changed our nation for the worse all of these years, we must recommit to speaking out against this evil in still stronger terms. Looking back, I remember in Wheaton College speaking out against abortion – and that was over twenty-five years ago. Sadly, not much has changed; abortions continue as usual. Supreme Court justices have come and gone; conservative majorities have come and gone – yet still, abortions continue. Is the fight against abortion a lost cause? Has the argument against abortion played itself out over these many years? Is anyone seriously discussing it anymore? Or is it now simply an accepted part of American culture, a more or less permanent fixture in Western society? I don’t have the answers to all these questions, because for one, I’m not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet. But in a very real sense, these questions are totally irrelevant to our opposition to abortion. Abortion is wrong, it’s murder, it’s evil, its a sin. Need there be anything more than that to continue the protest? In today’s overly politicized culture it’s natural to be drawn aside to make political calculations – is the cost of fighting against abortion worth the odds of winning the battle? This is how we have all grown to think growing up in a hyper-political and economic society. But I’d like to say that it’s not the way Christians are supposed to make decisions, especially moral choices. Abortion is wrong; it’s murder. The Bible is abundantly clear on that. Right is right and wrong is wrong. As Christians we need to promote what is right and protest what is wrong, whether our labors are rewarded or not. I don’t know ultimately if abortion will ever be defeated here in the United States, or if it is, how long it might take to defeat it. But that really doesn’t matter. As Christians we need to continue to press the argument against abortion for as long as it takes, and if it takes forever, then protest it forever. Of course, as Christians we know that this issue won’t go on forever, because we know from the Bible that eventually Christ will return to the earth and set things right during his reign. But hopefully, we won’t have to wait until even that time, but see something in the way of progress before that ultimate solution. I’m encouraged when I look to the New Testament, particularly in the actions of John the Baptist. Now John is most famous for being the forerunner of the Messiah Jesus, but he’s also known as a prophet who spoke out against immorality in his own day. On one occasion, we read about his prophetic voice against the immorality of King Herod. The King had married his brother’s wife, something both illegal and immoral according to Jewish law. John confronted Herod and said, “It is not lawful for you to have her,” Matthew 14:4. This criticism triggered John’s arrest and imprisonment. Eventually, John the Baptist was executed in Herod’s cold, dark prison. He died a martyr’s death. Now my point in bringing this account up is this – we need to continue to speak out against abortion, against its immorality, no matter what the consequences. Let me explain. (more…)

Our Biggest Fear

September 7, 2010

Title: Our Biggest Fear

Text: Matthew 25:41, 46, Matthew 10:28, Revelations 14:9-11, 20:10

Time: August 27th, 2010

I recently had a lengthy conversation with a member of the cult group Jehovah’s Witnesses on my doorstep. He tried to convince me that there was no hell, no everlasting punishment for sin, only death in the grave. Today, lots of people have a problem with the doctrine of hell. I think I already mentioned a few months back my encounter with a group of fellow-evangelical pastors here in town, many of whom I know from various fellowships including a weekly pastor’s prayer meeting that I’ve attended from time-to-time. They had just written and jointly-signed an op-ed article in the local paper criticizing a local church group for picketing the nearby spiritualist séance community Lily Dale and for displaying signs saying, “God sends false prophets to the everlasting punishment of hell.” The pastors wrote to protest the protesters by apologizing in their article to the citizens of Lily Dale and arguing that God doesn’t ever send a soul to hell. Bothered by these pastors and their objections to the classic, historic Christian doctrine of hell, I wrote my own op-ed article for the newspaper to protest the protestors of the protestors! My point was that as objectionable as the fundamentalist group picketing Lily Dale acted, they at least did have their theology correct, and ironically, it was the evangelical pastors who were in error, actually theological heresy, for objecting to the Christian doctrine of hell. Another example of how unpopular the doctrine of everlasting punishment is today. In still another case, I just finished reading a book on spiritual unbelief in Western civilization, by British evangelical theologian Alister McGrath who claims that one of the main causes for atheism is the doctrine of eternal damnation taught by churches. And while he doesn’t come out and deny the doctrine himself, it’s obvious that he thinks Christianity needs to be careful in teaching about the doctrine of hell because it’s so repulsive to modern thinking. According to McGrath, the American evangelist of the late nineteenth century Dwight L. Moody experienced success in his evangelistic campaigns in Britain because he avoided the doctrine of hell altogether in his preaching. I hope this account of Moody isn’t true, but if it is, I don’t think it’s something positive to say about his ministry, but instead something negative. My point in bringing all this up is to say that today there is a strong dislike for any kind of teaching about eternal spiritual punishment. People will listen and approve of a message about the love of God, but they will react negatively against any talk of God’s wrath or punishment of sinners, especially eternal damnation. But here’s the problem – God’s Word teaches about both the love of God and the wrath of God. Jesus taught of heaven and hell. We can’t simply close our eyes to reality because it’s unpleasant to think about. If hell is a place such as the Bible describes it, we must teach and warn people about it in order to save them from it. We can’t simply stop talking about it because it isn’t popular or because it bothers people. We’ve got to trust that there’s a good reason that God’s Word contains warnings about hell. God knew what he was doing when he inspired the holy prophets, the authors of the biblical books, to warn of everlasting punishment. It’s not up to us to omit what God includes in his special revelation to us. We must hear it and heed the warning. So with that bit of an introduction, let me explain a little about hell. (more…)

Is Violence Ever Justified in the Pro-Life Cause?

February 5, 2010

Title: Is Violence Ever Justified in the Pro-Life Cause?

Text: Matthew 2:16-18, Romans 13:4, Romans 13:1-2

Date: January 31st, 2010

January 21st was the 37th anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision Row v. Wade – the legalization of abortion in the United States. Since 1973 over 50 million abortions have taken place in the United States, 50 million unborn babies were murdered legally in this nation, 50 million innocent human lives taken in a so-called Christian country. It’s important to pause, reflect and pray each year at this important anniversary in order to keep the memory of that tragic decision and to never forget that the killings are stilling going on today, everyday. I first became aware of the tragedy unfolding in respect to abortion and the unborn as a student at Wheaton College. I began attending meetings of a pro-life group on campus and started reading as many books on abortion as I could. I began to see abortion as the greatest evil in our nation. I’ve prayed every day since then that abortion could somehow end and the laws of the land could once again protect the unborn. I’ve participated in abortion protests, once outside a hospital which performed them and another time in a “life chain” alongside a busy intersection with hundreds of other people carrying signs and pro-life messages. I’ve voted for only pro-life political candidates over the years, never once voting for anyone who was committed to the continued legalization of abortion. I’ve followed the Supreme Court decisions over these last few decades, hoping and praying that at some point there would be a decision that prohibits or at least bans most abortions in the United States. After all these years I have to say that not much progress has been made – thousands, millions of abortions are still performed each year in this country. One encouraging sign has been that the worst type of abortion – partial birth abortion, where the baby is late term and is partially born and then murdered – has been somewhat curtailed in some parts of the country. But overall, we still have a long way to go before the unborn baby in the womb is protected once again by law. But the battle over abortion is still raging on, against all odds. After all, abortion could have quietly become a non-issue after the Supreme Court decision of 1973 and especially after so many years have passed since that tragic decision. Yet against all expectations by secular scholars 37 years later it’s still being fought over. For example, in the latest health care debate abortion was front and center in that legislation, whether or not to include it in national health care coverage; it’s still being debated. But perhaps the biggest abortion-related news of late has been the murder of the late-term abortion doctor George Tiller and the trial of his killer Scott Roeder. Roeder was found guilty of murder in a court of law just a few days ago. I have to admit, when I heard of the murder of the abortion doctor I felt no sadness, I shed no tears. I thought to myself, “Maybe justice was served,” but I wondered, “Was his death justified?” Since that time I’ve thought a little more about the situation and I’d like to share a few points on this subject – since we are remembering the infamous Row v. Wade decision.  (more…)

Abortion — America’s Child Sacrifice

January 26, 2009

Title: Abortion – America’s Child Sacrifice


Text: Leviticus 18:21

Date: January 25th, 2009

This past week marked the sad thirty-sixth anniversary of the Row v. Wade Supreme Court abortion decision that basically legalized abortion in all fifty states. Abortion has been legal in the United States for over three decades. Millions upon millions of babies have died as a result. To make matters worse, we’ve just elected a new president who quickly reversed all the laws against giving foreign aid to abortion providers overseas. So now our tax dollars will be going to fund abortion in other countries as well as our own. We have seen some positive developments occur in restricting and limiting abortion in the United States over the last eight years, but many of those gains might be eliminated with the new president because he is so strongly committed to abortion rights. If trends continue we will probably see more setbacks in our efforts to curtail and eliminate legal abortion. But while we struggle here on earth we have to ask the important question from time-to-time, “What does God Almighty think of all this?” After all, in the final analysis it isn’t what we as men and women think of abortion, it’s what God thinks that counts. If God’s Word is true, and we assume that it is as Christians, there will be a day of reckoning for any and every nation that permits the killing of innocent children to continue – whatever people may call it. The judgment of God must come upon the United States and other nations that permit aboard to legally continue; if not, God would have to apologize for destroying the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, as the Reverend Jerry Falwell was so famous for saying. But why would God judge America for abortion? Many people are confused as to why abortion is so wrong. To understand God’s mind in respect to abortion today, we must understand God’s mind in respect to the ancient practice of child sacrifice, because abortion is actually a modern-day version of the ancient practice of child sacrifice. I know that statement may seem outrageous and controversial, but if we think about it, if we compare what child sacrifice was in ancient times and then understand what abortion is today, we’ll see that it essentially the same thing under another name. Why is abortion so wrong? Why is God so opposed to abortion today? Because God was strongly against child sacrifice in the ancient world and abortion is a modern form of child sacrifice, and therefore, God is strongly opposed to abortion today. We should be strongly opposed to it also – strongly opposed enough to fight abortion in any and every way possible. We should never, ever vote for an abortion-supporting politician. We should never support an organization or institution that supports abortion. We should never let the abortion debate end until abortion is prohibited in the United States once again. And we should continue to pray against abortion, and we should also attempt to persuade others to oppose abortion. I’d like to take a few minutes today to demonstrate that modern abortion is the equivalent to ancient child sacrifice. Hopefully, this type of argument can convince more people to oppose abortion today. Leviticus 18:21, “Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molech, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the Lord.” Let me explain this by asking a few questions and then answering them. (more…)

Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves

January 16, 2008


Title: Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves

Text: Proverbs 31:8

Date: January 20th, 2008

This past week I sent an article into the Jamestown Post-Journal newspaper. Here’s what I wrote: “35th Anniversary of Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade abortion decision — January 22, 2008 marks the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and presents us with a time of reflection upon this tragic event. Multiple millions of perfectly formed pre-borns have died as a result. Only in heaven will these persons ever be known. Meanwhile, back on earth, we must grapple with the collective guilt of deaths, and ask, “How could this happen here, in America, land of the free?” It seems that we are a land of the free ONLY FOR THOSE WHO CAN VOICE THEIR WILL. As long as pre-borns are not given the same rights other living persons have in our land, our claim that America is a land of the free is a farce, an illusion, a myth. Proverbs 31:8 says, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.” Martin Luther King once said in his famous, “I have a dream” speech that he dreamed of a day in America when persons would be judged not on the basis of the color of their skin, but on the content of their character. I too have a dream, that one day in America all persons would be valued for their intrinsic worth and not by their developmental stage of life. We must not give up the struggle to end the insanity of abortion.” I don’t know if they are going to print it or not because I seem to be persona non grata at the newspaper because of past articles I submitted that they refused to print concerning the demonic spiritistic practices of the town of Lily Dale and other things. But I really do hope they print my article on abortion because it’s something that needs to be brought before people time and time again. Why? Because the longer something is allowed to stand the more normal and natural it seems to be. The longer the laws of our land allow for abortion, as long as our nation tolerates it, the more normal it appears, the more natural it seems, until pretty soon it is thought to be perfectly alright to kill preborn babies. Are we at that point yet in America? We are close, but fortunately not yet, because there is still resistance to abortion among millions and millions of Americans. We’ve got to do everything in our power to encourage that resistance until the day arrives when an outright ban on abortion can happen. So today I’d like to talk about our responsibility to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Or, in other words, our responsibility to speak out against abortion. Do you speak up against abortion? Do you voice your decent towards the present legal tolerance of abortion? You should and so should I. Let’s hear what the God of the Bible has to say about speaking out against evils like abortion. Proverbs 31:8 (read). Let me say three things. (more…)