Inventing New Ways of Sinning

Title: Inventing New Ways of Sinning
Text: Romans 1:30-32
Time: February 6th, 2015


I’m reading my email one day and I get an advertisement from, the online marketplace for books and electronics, saying, “Celebrate Transparent with us.” What is Transparent? It’s a TV show that produces and shows on its Amazon Prime streaming video system that just won a Hollywood award for best new show or something. So for the next few days I get these advertisements. What is this TV show? So I happen to have Prime so I check it out and I can’t believe what I see. It’s about a grown man who has a wife and kids but who transitions from a man to a woman because he thinks he’s really a woman trapped in a man’s body. That’s where they get the title of the TV show Trans-Parent, because he’s a so-called transgender and a parent. It’s the most disgusting show I’ve ever seen. This guy dresses up like a woman, wears make-up and says he’s being who he really is. He wants his family, his kids, to accept it. It’s pure propaganda and an effort to manipulate public opinion in favor of gay marriage and homosexual rights. It’s part of the filthy floodgates that were opened when the so-called U.S. president Obama affirmed gay marriage a few years ago. Evidently, that’s all that these Hollywood people needed to flood America with their moral filth. Next, I’m watching TV and all of a sudden I see an ex-Olympian Bruce Jenner dressed in make-up and wearing women’s clothes. This man was a decathlon winner in the Olympics, but now the news report states he’s transitioning into a woman – and it’s all being video tapped for a reality TV show. Again, the fruit (literally in this case) of Obama’s opening of the immoral floodgates of homosexuality. Now we have to put up with looking at pathetic men trying to be women and telling the world to accept it and get over it. We are literally seeing the complete moral meltdown of the American character. We are witnessing a moral free fall right before our very eyes. We are alive when our semi-Christian nation of the United States turns away from God and the moral slide into the abyss is witness to it. I can’t help but think of the New Testament book of Romans, where the Apostle Paul makes this statement in a discussion about when people abandon God, “They invent ways of doing sin,” Romans 1:30. What new way of sinning will we see, hear or read about in the news today or tomorrow? What new lows will people arrive at as they work out their total depravity before a national television audience? If Jesus hadn’t risen from the dead he’d be rolling over in his grave. Let me say a few more things about America’s self-destruction.

First, we’re seeing the working out of every aspect of sin. Romans 1: 29-30, “They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity. . . . they invent ways of doing evil. . . .” In the first chapter of Romans the Apostle Paul describes the decline of a society that abandons the basic moral obedience owed to God. I’m talking about the basic, essential, elementary moral restraints that God requires. When a society throws off the most fundamental and basic moral standards, literally, all-hell follows. That’s what Paul outlines here, and that’s what we see happening today. Transgenderism is the cutting edge in depravity today in society. We first saw the filth floodgates opened, like I said before, when Obama came out on national TV in favor of so-called gay marriage. Few people realized it at the time, but when a sitting president comes out and tells a national audience that marriage between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, is the same as marriage between a man and a woman, that’s crossing a line. No president ever believed such a thing, no president ever taught such a thing, but Obama. Now that was all gay activists and sympathizers needed, fueled by the media, to push so-called gay marriage in nearly all fifty states. Over the last few years since Obama opened the filthy immoral gay floodgates, our entire nation has changed. The moral drop has never been steeper. We’re soon approaching gay marriage legal in all states. TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, and so forth steadily and constantly push for the acceptance of homosexuality. Now the transgender cause is being promoted as well. The new TV show produced by Amazon is but one example. Bruce Jenner’s transition from male to female is another. The Apostle Paul’s warning is being prophetically fulfilled before our very eyes, “They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity. . . . they invent ways of doing evil.” In respect to transgenderism, much of what takes place is newly invented – the medical procedures involved require cutting edge technology. A few years ago we saw (how could one miss it, it was covered in all the news reports) Chaz Bono transition from an overweight woman into an overweight woman who now looks like a man. Thanks to new technology, evidently, one can switch genders to the point where it’s hard to tell anymore what someone is, male or female. This is a prime example of “inventing new ways of doing evil.” It’s taking invention and technology and using them for sophisticated sin.

Second, even with a Christian moral heritage a moral free fall is taking place in society. Romans 1:32, “Although, they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death. . . .” It’s not like Americans don’t know that the immoral path they are on is wrong. No. They know exactly what they are doing, and they know exactly that what they are doing is wrong according to the Christian God of the Bible. Now in the 1st Century, the Apostle Paul was writing to people who had two sources of knowledge, at least two, of morality. One, they had the natural law that taught basic sexual morality, especially the basic truths of monogamy and heterosexual marriage. But if that wasn’t enough, Two, they had the law of God found in the Jewish Old Testament, which was not only circulated in the lands of the Roman Empire at that time, but had reached far beyond the Empire as well. In it the basic moral standards of right and wrong were taught and known even in pagan lands. So people knew that homosexuality was wrong then, and they know it’s wrong now. It’s not about knowing good and evil, right and wrong, it’s about rebelling or defying God and God’s divine law. It’s about being sinful rebels against God’s authority. In America, with our history of freedom and liberty, it’s a distorted form of pushing the boundaries of freedom to extremes. It’s the attitude of, “Unless I’m free to do anything at any time, I’m not really free.” So it’s an attitude of extreme and perverse freedom. The American Revolution was freedom from the King of England. Today, we see rebellion and revolution against the King of Heaven. Immorality is simply a sign of spiritual rebellion. But the people pushing for homosexuality today know very well that Christianity and the Christian church are standing in their way for full freedom from God, so they attack Christianity and the church every chance they get. The latest move is to get the Christian church to change and compromise it’s own moral teachings – and some parts of Christianity have followed along! The pastor of the large Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan recently was forced out of his church because he began teaching, among other heresies, that so-called gay marriage is acceptable. There are other high-profile Christians who support gay marriage as well. There are entire mainline denominations that not only support homosexuality, but ordain homosexual leaders, pastors and bishops. They know better; it’s not about not knowing. It’s simply massive spiritual and moral rebellion.

Third, moral compromise spreads to more moral compromise. Romans 1:32, “. . . They not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.” The life cycle of sin and depravity slides downward as the spiritual rebellion picks up speed. One sin inspires more sins, and more sins inspire creative new sins, and so on. The Apostle Paul talks about people not only involving themselves in sexual immorality, but also approving and rewarding others who do they same, similar or worse sins. We see this happening in Hollywood when they award the TV show “Transparent” with accolades for best new series on television. sends out emails encouraging people on their mailing list to “celebrate” Transparent. This is so highly offensive to any moral American, any Christian with any moral sensitivity, that it’s hard to describe. How can anyone “celebrate” something God hates? Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of their sexual immorality and perversion, yet today our culture wants to celebrate these very acts and invites others to join in the celebration. Excuse me; count me out. I’d rather die than participate in any celebrating of evil, sin and depravity. Obama invites promoters of homosexuality and other moral depravities to the White House, the nation’s capital, to receive awards for their work. What work? In destroying America? They call it advancing LGBT rights, but what it really is, it is advancing America’s destruction, judgment from the righteous wrath of God. “They not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.” Anyone who stands up and opposes the immoral, degenerate and depraved agenda is shouted down. He’s called a bigot, full of hate speech, and so forth. There was a time in our country some thirty years ago when Francis Schaeffer, theologian and Christian leader, who said that we may have a small window of opportunity to turn our nation around morally and spiritually. Well, for all intents and purposes, that window of opportunity is closed today. The momentum is clearly on the side of the moral perverts and their sympathizers. Christian morality is on the run. Christian leaders who speak out against the moral decay are marginalized. I know. I’ve experienced being marginalized and silenced in the papers and on radio. They don’t want to hear your prophetic moral stand. It too much reminds them of the Bible and God – which they are desperately trying to deny and avoid.

So what’s to become of American culture? What’s to become of the Christian church in America? Well, to the first part of that question, what’s to become of America, I’m afraid the nation, the society, American culture is past the point of return morally and spiritually. I know cultural revival is always a possibility, but barring a miracle from heaven, it’s just not going to happen, and further decline is in the future. The goal of “saving America” might have been realistic a few decades ago, but not anymore. America is too far gone to “save” in any moral sense. Does that mean all it lost? No. In answer to the second part of the question, what’s to become of the Christian church in America, here is where there is hope. If the Christian church can simply be the church it’s supposed to be, I mean, simply teach what it’s supposed to teach and live the way it’s supposed to live, it can be a moral and spiritual light in the midst of a dying, decaying, corrupt culture. Christians must simply take serious their responsibilities to follow God’s Word in all areas and take serious being the people of God regardless what takes place in society. Gay marriage becomes legal? Transgenderism becomes a normal fixture in society? Fornication and adultery become the norm not the exception? What is that to us Christians? We’ve got our marching order from the Lord that don’t depend on the secular society at all. While general society gets darker and more depraved, we can become brighter with the light of God and shine that light in a dark world. If we face persecution and marginalization and opposition, what is that to us? Early Christians faced all this and survived as a church. We’ve got to get rid of this silly notion that Christians aren’t persecuted for their faith. We’ve lived in a comfortable bubble of non-persecution in Western society for centuries, but that protection is coming to an end. Are we ready to bear witness for the Lord and suffer for it? Are we ready to shine our light in the midst of the darkness, which indeed might draw attention to ourselves with negative consequences? We’re going to have to learn to change and adapt as the general culture slides into moral and spiritual depravity. We certainly shouldn’t join them in the slide, but we should be willing to engage the sinful culture with our message and recruit as many as we can to the Lord’s side. We aren’t going to save everybody, maybe not even most people, but we can save a few or some. It is these few that we should spend our resources on helping, not trying to “save” America in general. That, I’m afraid, is a lost cause. At this point, the only one who can “save” America is God himself. As for us, we need to concentrate on saving lost souls, as many or as few as will be saved.


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