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Questions and Answers About Marriage, Part 4

June 5, 2013

Title: Questions and Answers About Marriage, Part 4

Text: Mark 10:2-5, 6-9, Romans 13:1

Time: May 31st, 2013

I’m in a series raising questions about marriage and then answering them as best I can from the Bible. Why a series on answering questions about marriage? Because there is such a complete lack of understanding on the subject in our culture today — from a Christian biblical standpoint. Sure, everyone thinks they know all about marriage; but in reality, few people understand what God’s Word says about it.  What else can explain why our society seems to be rushing to embrace so-called same sex marriage? We’ve got “In God We Trust” engraved on our money, so it’s clear that our self-identity as a culture includes a relationship with God Almighty. We say, “One Nation Under God,” in the Pledge of Allegiance, so again, it’s obvious that our population claims some kind of covenant with God. Yet you wouldn’t know that by looking at the response of our population towards the immorality of homosexuality in the last few years. Gay marriage? It’s such a clear case of perverse immorality. It’s a no-brainer. Of course it would be wrong for society to approve of such an immoral act, not only because it’s wrong in itself, but it also debases the importance of real marriage, the relationship of a man and a woman. You’d think a semi-Christian culture would know this. But as I’ve said, in the last few years it seems our population has forgotten nearly everything it learned in Sunday School and church. So then it’s important to go back over and over again the basics of moral right and wrong, and also cover the basic truths of marriage from a Christian standpoint. We need to re-educate our population on what it means to be “One Nation Under God.” We’re in a “teachable moment” in our culture today. Christians have an opportunity to teach what God has to say about morality and marriage. But will Christians teach it? The professional clergy seem reluctant to teach Christian morality and marriage today because it might step on somebody’s toes or ruffles some feathers, and so forth. They seem afraid to be controversial, or say something offensive today. It’s sad that simply teaching about standard, traditional Christian marriage is controversial, but that’s where we’re at today. And we’ve got to be willing to be controversial in order to teach God’s truth. So with that in the way of an introduction, let me wade into the controversy of marriage today. I do so because it’s so important. If we don’t teach about Christian marriage then in all likelihood people won’t learn about it – the culture certainly won’t help the church teach about Christian marriage, not today. So it’s up to us to teach it. So let’s start by asking a few questions, and then answering them from the Bible. (more…)


Questions and Answers About Marriage, Part 3

June 5, 2013

Title: Questions and Answers About Marriage, Part 3

Text: Matthew 19:4-6, Luke 2:4-7, Genesis 24:1-4

Time: May 29th, 2013

It seems that as we open the newspapers or watch TV news or listen to news on the radio while we drive our cars everything we notice appears to be going against traditional, biblical Christian marriage. Just in the news today France witnessed its first “same sex” or gay marriage. What is happening to the world today? What’s changed in just the last couple of years that has moved people from basically affirming the standard definition of marriage to an openness to different definitions of marriage. We understand when the fashion tastes change from year to year because that’s expected, because after all, it’s superficial fashion. But for something as important and essential to morality and society as marriage to change like fashions change is alarming. We know from the Bible that marriage between a man and a woman is both a divine and human institution. It’s human because it involves two human beings, a man and a woman. But it’s also divine because it was directed to humans by God himself in the very beginning – that’s what the Book of Genesis says, that’s what God’s chosen people the Jews have always taught, and that’s what God’s new chosen people Christians teach. But what is happening in society today is that more and more people are dropping the divine from the divine/human equation for marriage – and just considering the human aspects of it. And that’s so easy to do, because after all, it takes seeing marriage through the eyes of faith to appreciate the divine aspects of holy matrimony. I guess fewer and fewer people are willing to see marriage from the eyes of faith, and consequently all they’ve got left is the human perspective. If marriage is only a human institution, then in all honesty, what’s to stop us from redefining it any way we want? I think the only thing on a purely human level that might make us back up a bit in tinkering with marriage is that it’s something that’s been a part of human civilization for thousands and thousands of years, and it’s always been between men and women, nothing more. That alone, that sociological fact, should cause us to hit the pause button and not make any hasty decisions or changes in respect to social policy regarding marriage. But unfortunately modern politics and opinion isn’t taking this cautious approach. It seems that the new novel thing today in progressive society is to be the first in everything – the first openly gay this or that, the first same sex marriage in France, the first trans-gendered politician, and so forth. With that “first of a kind” thinking, it’s no wonder why caution is thrown to the wind, and recklessness prevails today. But as Christians, as Bible-believers, we must make effort to slow things down and bring God’s wisdom to bear on society. I’m in a series on marriage, raising questions and answering them from God’s Word. Let’s continue today by raising three more questions about marriage. (more…)