The Disaster of Promoting Homosexuality

Title: The Disaster of Promoting Homosexuality

Text: Genesis 19:1-29

Time: August 18th, 2010

At this time, as I’m preparing this message, the State of California is embroiled in a controversy to preserve the traditional family definition of marriage as the union of man and woman. For a number of years now homosexuals have lobbied to redefine marriage as the union of man or woman with another man or woman, allowing for same-sex marriages. At one point they redefined the law to allow for same-sex marriages, then the law was changed back to the traditional definition, then that was reversed by a court decision, now it’s back to the traditional definition, but there are further court cases that everyone believes will eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court. Why the conflict? Why the swinging back and forth? Because we are in the midst of a real cultural war between the forces that seek to preserve a sense of moral sanity and those who wish to overturn almost all morality. Just a few years ago the debate was whether there should be domestic partnerships for gay people to resemble in some sense the marriage relationship enjoyed by heterosexual couples. I’m not sure what happened to that debate because today it seems that we’ve come light years beyond it in the course of just a few years to the point where the debate is over gay marriage. What this shows is that homosexuality and all of the evils that go with it – gay marriages, the promotion of the gay lifestyle by the state, for example – is gaining momentum. If nothing interrupts it, this momentum towards a fully legitimate homosexual tolerance and acceptance in society should come about in the next few years. But if that happens, it spells the end to the noble American experiment in freedom and self-government, because it spells the destruction of the nation. How so? Through what means shall America be destroyed? That we can’t predict, but that it’s destruction will take place, we can confidently say for certain. How can we know that America will be destroyed if it finally reaches that point of accepting homosexuality as a legitimate and normal lifestyle? Because we have the biblical example of Sodom and Gomorrah to warn us. Here was an ancient society that fully accepted, tolerated and embraced the gay lifestyle – and it was destroyed by God! God sends angels to Sodom to investigate the wicked reports coming from the city, then the citizens converged on these holy messengers with the intent of homosexual rape. “All the men from every part of the city of Sodom – both young and old – surrounded the house. They called to Lot. ‘Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them,’” Genesis 19:4-5. The result of this wickedness was destruction. The angels conclude, “The outcry of the Lord against its people is so great that he has sent us to destroy it,” Genesis 19:13. And that’s what happened, destruction. And that same judgment of destruction will come upon the U.S. for its growing acceptance, toleration and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle. But let me explain further.


First, the whole society was sympathetic and tolerant towards homosexuality. “All the men from every part of the city of Sodom – both young and old – surrounded the house,” Genesis 19:4. From the brief description given in the Old Testament book of Genesis it appears that homosexuality was approved of by nearly the entire community – at least no disagreement is indicated except for the case of Lot. He did object to the attempted rape of the angels by the homosexuals, but we don’t know to what degree he objected to the practice of homosexuality in general. Lot and his family were living in Sodom, so they must have tolerated it to some extent, but to what extent we don’t know. So it appears from the brief description that this society of Sodom (and Gomorrah) had nearly and universally or totally accepted the practice of homosexuality as normal and natural, a legitimate part of culture. We know further that men from “every part of the city” came to the angels to commit indecent homosexual acts upon them, so this is further indication of the widespread acceptance of the gay lifestyle. Furthermore, it says both “young and old” came to have homosexual sex with the angels, meaning, not only was the tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality widespread geographically, but also was widespread among people of all ages. So we see here a society that had fully come to accept and practice homosexuality. Unfortunately, we are seeing this same openness, acceptance and promotion of homosexuality in our society today in the United States. We aren’t as far along in this as other nations, for example in Europe, but we are rapidly catching up to even the most radical nations in overturning traditional Judeo-Christian morality. Even in my short lifetime, only within the last twenty to thirty years I’ve seen a tremendous shift in opinion and attitude towards homosexuality. I remember not too long ago when the very thought of homosexual sex was repulsive to most people. I remember that anyone even sympathetic to homosexual self-expression was considered morally questionable himself. Now, it’s almost the other way around. If one today is against the full and total acceptance of homosexuality in society, he is seen as morally inferior. How did this radical shift in morality occur? What could have caused an entire culture to shift from majority against homosexuality to majority for homosexuality? I think the biggest influence that helped change the moral consensus in American towards homosexuality was the media, television, news and entertainment. It seems that everywhere the media is promoting homosexuality. The relentless bombardment of pro-gay propaganda has turned people’s thinking from opposing it to accepting it. Voices of opposition are quickly marginalized and mocked. The pop cultural scene is definitely pro-gay – and that goes a long way in explaining why America is turning the way of Sodom and Gomorrah. But it goes even deeper.

Second, the young people of society were trained to be sympathetic and tolerant towards homosexuality. “All the men from every part of the city of Sodom – both young and old – surrounded the house,” Genesis 19:4. The description of the crowd that came to commit homosexual rape of the angels was made up of both young and old. Think of it, young people came to commit homosexuality! How could this be other than that they were trained and conditioned by their society to accept, tolerate, promote and even participate in homosexuality? We see this same process happening today in the United States. Visit any public school classroom and you’ll likely hear a sympathetic and accepting message concerning gay sex. As far as the federal government is concerned, homosexuality is perfectly acceptable and should be tolerated and promoted as normal. For example, in California where the big controversial gay marriage law is under debate, the state law already grants same-sex couples nearly the identical benefits and rights as heterosexual married couples. So it isn’t as if gay couples are fighting for much more than they already have as far as benefits and rights; they aren’t. What they want is the status of marriage, the right to use the title “married,” in the eyes of the law and society. They want to be given the same and equal status as a heterosexual couple. They want their gay lifestyle legitimized by the powers of the state. They want everyone in society to affirm their perverted and immoral lifestyle choice – and they want their sin given the status of holy matrimony. But gay marriage is only the tip of the iceberg, because a lot of homosexual sympathy and acceptance has already been granted by the government and applied in the public schools. The message coming from educators in our public schools is largely sympathetic to the gay rights cause. In fact, any teacher that objects to homosexuality or to gay marriage hadn’t better express it in the public schools in front of children – they would get rebuked or even fired by the administration. There are so many laws, regulations and policies protecting the gay agenda in schools that anyone speaking against will likely lose their job. But the opposite is not true – pro-gay speech, promoting the gay lifestyle or even gay marriage isn’t likely to receive even a warning, in fact, it may be encouraged and rewarded. Is it any wonder that most school children, a majority, and fast becoming an overwhelming majority are now sympathetic to homosexuality. It’s all the conditioning they’ve received in public school classrooms year-after-year. Couple that with popular culture’s near universal acceptance of the gay lifestyle, is it any wonder that young people are by and large pro-gay? That’s the way it was back in Sodom and Gomorrah too – just before the destruction. But there’s more.

Third, the older people in society failed to defend morality and even compromised to the new immorality. “All the men from every part of the city of Sodom – both young and old – surrounded the house,” Genesis 19:4. It’s usually the case in any society that the older generation is left to defend the traditional moral values that are rapidly changing into the new immorality, but here in Sodom it looks as if the older generation wasn’t even doing that – or maybe at first they did but found it a lost cause, so they gave it up. From the description in Genesis 19, the older generation at Sodom joined in right along with the younger generation and the middle-aged in the attempted homosexual rape of the angels. This means that the whole of the society was lost in immorality. If you ever find a society where the older generation no longer defends the traditional moral values, those values are lost. This is what happened in Sodom. And it’s taking place in the United States today. Now there still is a sizable percentage of the population here in America that opposes gay marriage and the normalization of the gay lifestyle, but that population is declining. Not only are many of the older generation who fought for traditional Judeo-Christian morality dying, but even more disturbing is that many more are giving up and even joining in the new immorality cause. I’m amazed at how many in the older generations favor gay marriage. I’m amazed that these senior citizens aren’t trying to persuade the newer generations of the wisdom of morality over immorality, the superiority of moral absolutes over moral relativism, but alas this often isn’t the case. It seems that many in the older generation simply want to take it easy in life, avoid trouble, and so simply let happen what is happening without a fight. But this is a bad sign for society when even the older generation isn’t willing to defend morality, or worse, when they for selfish reasons sympathize, tolerate or even support the new immorality, such as gay marriage. This is what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah just before the destruction from God came upon that wicked culture. It’s another bad sign when the older, more traditional generations give up the cause of morality and surrender to the cause of immorality. But we see that happening more and more in the United States, as every day there are more and more senior citizens who either give up or capitulate in the fight for morality. When members of a society do this destruction is soon at hand. It happened this way in Sodom, it will happen this way in the U.S. unless something happens to prevent it.

So what is to become of America? Is Sodom and Gomorrah’s fate inevitable? “The outcry of the Lord against its people is so great that he has sent us to destroy it,” Genesis 19:13. Is this what must be said by the destroying angels of the U.S. too? Yes, it will happen, but it doesn’t have to happen. Unless something radically happens to change the gradual trend away from Christian morality and towards moral relativism, gay marriage will happen not only in California but also in every state of the union. Our society will descend into a moral black hole in which there is no escape – unless something happens from God to save it. Remember, Sodom and Gomorrah were not saved; they were destroyed. So the pattern isn’t very hopeful for our nation. We may be too far gone for anything to help us. Even a modern day Abraham trying to negotiate a stay of execution from God may not succeed – after all, for all Abraham’s bargaining with the angels, the wicked cities were not saved. There may be nothing that can be done for the U.S.; we may be too far gone. But then again, we might have a chance for national salvation. Consider the case of Nineveh. The Book of Jonah describes God sending the reluctant prophet to the wicked city of Nineveh to pronounce judgment over it. “Forty more days and Nineveh will be overturned,” Jonah 3:4. Yet miraculously, the people from great to small repented of their sins and turned to God in humility. “When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he had compassion and did not bring upon them the destruction he had threatened,” Jonah 3:10. Is there hope for the United States? Not outside of the grace of God. In order for our nation to be saved from destruction, the consequences of our sins, there will need to be a national revival marked by confession and repentance of sins – and a whole-scale turning back to the God of the Bible. What are the odds of this happening? Naturally speaking, not very good. But then again, the ways of God don’t always follow the natural percentages. What were the odds that the evil people of Nineveh would repent and turn to God? Not very good either – yet it happened. What we as Christians must do is continue to hold of the righteous standard of God for marriage and allow for no compromise as to the definition of holy matrimony. We need to hold up all of God’s holy standards and call men and women to confession and repentance of sins. Then, we need to offer them the forgiveness of Christ and invite them to turn to God. We hold the only hope for society. There is no political or economic solution that can save our nation. There is no solution coming from the university experts. Our nation will perish if it doesn’t repent. We are the only group that can lead this nation back to God. We must at least try to do so.


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