God’s Promises to Stand on During Financially Tough Times

Title: God’s Promises to Stand on During Financially Tough Times

[Audio http://ab86qw.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pbkW9mvB_gvLezEIZN3pTV5RAxlom6EVPMrxIeGGzSuCnuLT0McprwktzfY4sSzrYDigKcz5epuw4-vb4QJ1mDw/2-22-09godspromisestostandonduringfinanciallytoughtimes.mp3%5D

Text: Matthew 6:33-34, Philippians 4:19, 4:6-7

Date: February 22nd, 2009

Every day on the news we hear about how bad the economy is, especially the housing market and the banks. We hear how hard it is to get credit in order to buy homes or cars and what economists call “big ticket” items like washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc. To make matters worse, many companies are laying off workers and scaling down because people simply aren’t buying as many products as before. People are instinctively cutting back on expenses and that causes companies to cut their costs, and it’s a downward spiral. With more people out of work and more people losing their homes to foreclosure and more people trying to cut back – there is no question that we are in challenging financial times. But how shall a believer respond to such a challenge? How should a follower of Jesus react to all the financial pressures closing in? Well it’s pretty clear that there should be a clear distinction between the way a faithful follower of Christ reacts to financial pressures and the way a non-believer might react. After all, it’s during the tough times that our faith is tested. During difficult times our faith is put to the test and reveals whether or not we really, truly believe in God and God’s promises. Will we respond with fear as the world does or will we respond with greater faith and trust in God? Well, it’s obvious that the believer should respond with faith, but faith in what? Certainly not faith in ourselves or our own cleverness. Clearly not faith in our government or even the “spirit of the American people,” as some politicians likes to flatter their constituents. Our faith should respond to financial crises, or any crisis, with greater trust in God and in God’s Word. Practically speaking, that means we should respond in prayer and in standing on the Promises of God. We find our comfort, hope and peace in God and God’s Word, not in the things of the world. But in order to put our faith in God and God’s Word we have to know how to do it. Today, I’d like to talk about standing on the Promises of God during financially tough times. Then, next week I’ll talk about how to trust in God through practical prayer during a financial crisis. It’s not enough to believe in prayer and God’s Word, but when the times of testing come we must actually turn to God and God’s Word in practice. How is that done? That’s what I’d like to talk about today this morning. Do you know how to find God’s promises for finances? And then, once you find a promise from God concerning money, do you know how to stand on that promise? I’ll try to explain how that is done as well? I don’t claim to be an expert in finances, nor do I claim to be an expert on the Bible, but what I do know is that God’s Word gives us promises to trust and I’d like to explain how to do that today. I’ve had to stand on these promises time and time again, and God has never let me down. I might not always get what I want financially, but I always get what I need from God. Let’s look at three of God’s promises concerning finances.

First, Seek after God and the Kingdom of God. Matthew 6:33-34, “But seek first the kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own.” Now the temptation in financially troubling times is to focus in on the problems. If you can’t make your house payment – and lots and lots of people are missing house payments these days, in fact millions of people – the temptation is to worry and worry and obsess with that problem. But God tells us in the Bible to not focus on the problem, but to focus on the Solution or Answer, which is God. God is our source. God is our Help, or as the Psalms puts it, “God is a very present help in time of trouble.” So we focus more and more on God and less and less on the specific financial problem. That’s what Matthew 6:33-34 teaches: “Seek first the kingdom of God . . . and all things will be given to you as well.” What does that mean? It means instead of panicking and running here and there, desperately grabbing after the goods of the world or money or scurrying about like squirrels after nuts, we quiet ourselves down and pray and stand on God’s promises. I look around today and I see people running about and getting themselves all worried and upset about the economy. I see the news on TV and hear the news on the radio or read the news in the papers and I see doom and gloom, negative and bad news. If we don’t read and believe the good news found in the Bible, we’ll probably get a very pessimistic attitude about life based on what we hear in the world around us. People are getting discouraged and depressed about the state of the economy and their own financial condition because they are focusing on the problem instead of the solution. They are listening more to what is wrong, then seeking out God and God’s Word. In Matthew 6 it describes how unbelievers operate – they worry about housing, clothes, transportation, food, jobs, health, expenses, etc. But God’s Word says, “For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first the kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” What are “all these things?” Everything we need. By turning to God we get what we need. Now that’s a paradox, or in other words, counter-intuitive. Natural thinking might lead us to believe that if we need something we focus our attention on it, but God’s Word or Promise to us is that if we focus our attention and faith in him, he’ll give us what we need as a consequence. So the first thing we need to do in financially hard times is to focus on God, even focus more on God. Use troubling times as an excuse to pray and reflect more, study the Bible more, participate in church more, etc. You’d think that would take away time from directly solving financial problems but it doesn’t; it actually works out better by concentrating on God first and then turning to the problems at hand second.

Second, stand on God’s Promises of financial assistance. Philippians 4:19, “And my God shall meet all my needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” I can’t overstate the importance and value of this one single promise found in God’s Word. It’s such a powerful promise, especially for finances in hard times. What God says is He will meet all of our needs, period. How will he do that? According to his invisible, supernatural resources in the spiritual world. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purposes.” In other words, God works all things together for good for us who trust and believe in him. So how does God meet all our needs and work all things together for good? He does so supernaturally and silently and most of the time behind-the-scenes by working out the nitty-gritty details in our lives to get us what we need when we need them. Don’t ask how God does things, just be grateful that he does these things. God’s Promise is that he will meet all our needs. Now notice it says needs, not greeds. Or in other words, he doesn’t promise us everything we’d like, he promises us to supply what we truly need. And here’s something to consider when dealing with God Almighty by faith – if we trust and obey God to meet our needs and we don’t receive something, that just means we really did need that something. The promise of Philippians 4:19 is that God will supply ALL our needs, not just some of our needs. So, if in the end, I don’t get something, then I really didn’t need it after all, even though it may be something I thought I needed very strongly. Can you trust God to meet your needs? Can you trust his timing, his ways and means? Standing on God’s promises takes faith because we all have a tendency to get impatient and rush ahead and take control and try to “make things happen” our own way. But God’s promises work when God wills to work them, and so we must wait on the Lord’s timing as far as receiving what he’s promised us. If you are out of work today, realize that God has a job for you. Stand on that promise. Are you behind on your house payments today? Stand on the promises of God for your housing. Are you behind in your bills? Is there too much month at the end of the money? Stand on God’s promises. Repeat the promise of Philippians 4:19, “But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” KJV. Standing on God’s Word means repeating and remembering passages like this one whenever you think of finances. Whenever you get down or depressed thinking about your financial situation, think of this verse and start repeating it over and over again. Stand on it.

Third, pray about every financial problem. Philippians 4:6-7, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” I’ll be talking about prayer and facing financial problems next week, but it has to be mentioned at this point because we have a promise in God’s Word that tells us that if we pray, God will give us his peace as we go through a financial crisis. One of the big things that people get when they face money problems is anxious. They start to worry. Some people can’t sleep at night. Some people pace the floor and obsess over their bills and financial situation. Millions of people today in the United States have lost thousands of dollars in the stock market, in retirement accounts, in pension plans, etc. Lots of people are worrying about whether the economy will ever recover or whether they will ever find work or whether they will lose their house or whether they will be able to pay their bills. Now how do we go through such difficult financial times without worrying ourselves or getting anxious or depressed? God’s promise is that if we pray, he’ll give us the peace to go through even the toughest times. But notice what the promise says, “Pray about everything.” That means very specifically that if we want God’s peace as we go through difficult financial times we must be willing to pray over each and every financial problem and bring them all to God. How does this work exactly? For example, if you don’t have enough money to pay your house payment, you pray each day specifically for the resources to pay it. “God, is there any resource that I haven’t thought of to get the money to pay my house payment? God, is there any bill I can delay paying to pay for my house? God, is there any expense I can cut in order to pay my mortgage?” Every day you keep praying for the money to pay the bill on the house or rent or whatever is your situation. You even get specific. “God, I need $500.” Then, when you get some money trickling in you update the amount. “Thank you God for the $100. Now I need only $400 to pay on my house this month.” And you do that with all your financial obligations, whether it’s utilities, food, transportation, supplies, etc. I think a lot of Christians pray a lot of general prayers because they’ve gotten used to getting by in the good times on general faith. But when tough times comes they need to mature and learn how to get down to business with God and pray mature and specific prayers, and stand on specific promises in God’s Word. God has a plan for your life and also for our country during these times we are facing. It just may be to turn our hearts back to him in faith and obedience. We can all start that process by learning to seek first God’s kingdom by standing on God’s promises and praying over everything. We should be doing these things already, but let’s use difficult financial times as a good excuse to start again.


20 Responses to “God’s Promises to Stand on During Financially Tough Times”

  1. RaiulBaztepo Says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo


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    Thanks and may the good Lord bless you and your family.

    Pastor Morris.

  3. varghese Says:

    Really inspiring.
    May God Bless you.

  4. Tammera Says:

    I thank God for the message he gave you. I so desperately needed to hear these words he had for me and so many others. I definately was becoming very anxious and defeated, but his word refreshened my soul. Not only for repentance of my unbelief and for my anxiousness, but also as a beacon of light and hope in my families difficult circumstances right now. I thank you so much!! God Bless You!!!

    Tammera McGuire

  5. Sara Hughes Says:

    thank you.

  6. Sandra Says:

    I want the next piece: Then, next week I’ll talk about how to trust in God through practical prayer during a financial crisis.

  7. Cindy Says:

    Thanks so much for this post. We’re going through a lot right now and I needed to hear these words.

  8. jeffshort Says:

    Cindy, I’m glad these teachings from God’s Word could help you. It’s amazing how a book, the Bible, that’s thousands of years old is so up to date. It’s supernatural from God.

  9. Bridgette Hooke Says:

    I am so blessed to have come across this post today, eventhough, it is 6/2011, God’s words are still true and applicable to my financial situation NOW! I bless the Lord for you brother. I have gotten all the answers I needed!

  10. jeffshort Says:

    Sandra, sorry that I didn’t put a link in the text so that people can jump to the message on prayer. i’ll have to start putting quick links in to other messages. I’m pretty sure the message on “prayer during financially tough times” is included in my sermons here online, but i’ll make a check and if it isn’t i’ll put it online for you and others. thanks.

  11. Sherry Fudge Says:

    We can sometimes look at our situation, instead of depending on God who is over every situation. “No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper.” Even if it is dealing with our financial situation. “The Earth Is The Lord And The Fulness There Of”. If God can take care of the sparrows, he surely can take care of us. No matter what life may bring, cast all of your cares upon him, because he cares for you.

  12. maggie Says:

    I really need such encouraging words. Our organisation is currently experiencing financial crisis. The reality of the matter is that, GOD is there! He is in control….

  13. Laureen Says:

    Thank you so much needed this post. And to understand what I need to do and how to do it. I’m going through a big financial crisis in my life, but after reading this post I know God is my source

  14. jenn Says:

    Thank you. I needed this very much!

  15. Mary Says:

    This article helped me so much. I took out a title loan when I was working, now I lost my apartment, living with my son. I am praying and staying strong for God to intervene. I am behind on the loan, they want to take my car. But I thank God the car title is mine and I am thanking him and praising him for supplying my financial and all my needs. I Thank God for restoring me back financially better than I was before, in the name of Jesus.

  16. jeffshort Says:

    I’m glad to hear this message is helping so many people. But it’s really God’s Word that is helping so many, because it has a promise for every situation we face. Everyone, stay strong in the Lord.


  17. Albert Says:

    Thank you. It’s such a blessing to read.


  18. luka Says:

    Thank you so much for this article its so inspiring. I m richly bless.

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